Game Jam Entries

Ludum Dare is a 48-hour game competition where the challenge is to completely finish a game from scratch.  The intensely short time frame that you have available means that you have to be able to design, code, and create extremely quickly.  Choosing the right scope is incredibly important. I’ve participated in Ludum dare a number of times, and all of the games can be seen and played here.

Ludum Dare 37 - RoomZoom

Released: December 12throomzoom ss2
Engine: Unity
Platforms: PC/HTC Vive

RoomZoom was created for Ludum Dare 37, where the theme was “One Room”.  I wanted to create a game that automatically scaled to your VR roomscale playspace, and required you to actually move around in your room to solve puzzles.

Each puzzle is one room, but you can’t simply walk through it. Instead, you change your position within your own physical room, and teleport into adjacent areas, retaining your relative position.  This means you have to keep in mind both your current position AND where you’ll be in the adjacent room to solve the puzzles.

RoomZoom on

Ludum Dare 27 - Super Time Shoot
Released: August 2013
Engine: Flash/Flixel
Platforms: Web

Super Time Shoot was a game made for the theme “10 seconds”.  STS is attempting to be a mix of Super Crate Box and Geometry Wars. It’s a top-down shooter, and every 10 seconds, you will get a new gun.


WASD : Movement
Mouse : Aim
Click : Shoot

Occasionally, the level will shift. The new level supertimeshoot1will appear transparently, and you’ll need to get out of the way.

Play Game (Requires Flash)

Ludum Dare Link

Ludum Dare 35 - Shape Switcher
Released: August 2013shapeswitch2
Engine: Flash/Flixel
Platforms: PC

Shape Switcher was a game made for the theme “Shapeshift”.  Shape Switcher is a simple puzzle game where you switch the positions of 2 shapes on the screen. It has 7 levels included and the level editor is also included.

To play:
The goal is to get the yellow circle to the yellow square.
Red objects can be switched. To switch them, click one, then click the other.

To edit:shapeswitch1
Click “Editor” in the first menu.
Left-click in open space to place points.
Right-click when placing points to finish the polygon
Hold ctrl to snap to a grid
Hold alt to constrain the cursor to 1 axis (from the last point)
Type a name in the bottom box before clicking “save”
To load a level in the editor, you have to type in the name and click “Load”, sorry!
All levels will show up in the “Custom levels” panel after you click “Play Game”. They are placed in the game’s folder / data / levels


Ludum Dare Link

Ludum Dare 26 - Colorbridge
Released: April 2013colorbridge
Engine: Flash/Flixel
Platforms: Web

Colorbridge was made for the theme “Minimalism”.  It got unfortunately rushed, which led to a confusing tutorial and a sub-par UI. However, I still liked the game’s main concept, which is to “bridge” the squares with the holes in them by connecting them with specific colors. You “decompose” colors by separating R, G, and B values out of one square and into an adjacent square.

There is a tutorial, but here is a basic explanation of the mechanics if that doesn’t explain things for you.

Click a square to select it
Click a specific color in the color picker to select that color
Click an adjacent square, or an adjacent empty space, to move the selected color into that space.
All colors are composed of Red, Green, and Blue. White is the combination of all colors. Squares can be either a single color or a mix (teal = green + blue)
You cannot move or interact with a single-color square, but you can move a color from an adjacent square into a single-color square.

Your goal is to “bridge” the black-centered squares with their color(s). 2 red goals need specifically red squares between them to “bridge”. 2 white goals can use ANY colors to bridge. A yellow goal can use either Red or Green colors to bridge. A BRIDGE DOES NOT NEED TO BE DIRECT LINES ACROSS.

Occasionally it may seem “locked up” in that you can’t click on anything for a second. If this happens, just click on a black area away from the existing squares and then continue like normal.

Hit R to restart, just in case you miss it. There’s a basic tutorial.

Note that white can be bridge by any colors,
2-color combination goals like Teal can be bridged by any color that they have (purple = red + blue, so red or blue can be used to bridge it)

Play (Requires Flash)

Ludum Dare Page

Ludum Dare 33 - Lair
Released: April 2013lair
Engine: Flash/Flixel
Platforms: Web
Lair was made for the theme “You are the Monster
“. The game has you build traps and plac
e monsters to kill invading heroes. You win by killing 3 randomly generated heroes before they get to the end, you lose if one of them reaches the end.

This game, unfortunately, was way out of scope.  I had to design a full “level editor”, AI for the invading heroes, traps, random attributes, and solvers to make sure that the level is possible.  All in 48 hours.  I didn’t quite hit the mark.

However, there IS somewhat of a game here.

To play, you simply place tiles on the map. Right-click and drag to connect triggers with traps or doors. Left-click-and-drag to set the orientation of the arrow trap. Click start to… start.

Right now it doesn’t check that the map is actually traversable… so don’t completely block off the exit. However – The AI is pretty robust and if there is a DOOR in the way it will search for switches to open it.

The different attributes for each hero describe their main attributes like HP, as well as how distractable they are to things like Monsters and Gold.

Hopefully you can enjoy the pure silliness of it and the AI.

Ludum Dare Page